Matter v4

A SASS Front End Framework designed to make HTML work for you.

No more de-styling and restyling. Use HTML's default behaviour to leverage your web application and improve your workflow.

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What's new?


What's the Matter?

Matter is the result of years of problem solving, bug fixing, cross-browser and cross-platform testing. It goes back to the basics and is designed to improve and normalize HTML elements' default behaviour.

It is built over many iterations, cleanups, revisions and upgrades, instead of a single sprint from the ground up. This process makes Matter stable, tested and with fewer bugs.

Matter has also been used in production environments for over 3 years with tremendous success. Get in touch with me on Twitter for more details.

Get Started

1. Requirements

2. Gulp

First run? npm install then gulp.

Returning? Simply gulp.

Get to da code!